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Town of Orono

Code Enforcement
Photo of Orono Maine
An overhead view of downtown Orono
Photo of Orono Maine
Mill Street businesses, circa 1910
Photo of Orono Maine
The front of the Public Safety building in winter



The Code Enforcement Office is staffed by William Murphy, Code Enforcement Officer and Ruth Vaughan, Administrative Assistant.  The Code Enforcement Office deals with many issues including issuing permits for the following:

If you see...

  • Motor vehicle fluids and/or household chemicals being dumped into gutters or street drains;
  • Stormwater leaving construction areas and entering streets drains, swales, ditches;
  • If you are just not sure…

Please call the Illicit Discharge Hotline at 207-889-6979.

When calling, please provide:

  • Description of the pollution (to the best of your ability);
  • Date, time, and location of the polluting activity;
  • Your name and a phone number where you can be reached for further details (this is optional)

THIS IS NOT FOR AN EMERGENCY! All emergencies please dial 911.